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As overwhelming as it seems, moving to a new place is far more exciting and thrilling. You’ll be carrying loads of emotions from your old place, and cherish them as you relocate. As far as shifting needs month-long planning and guidance, it’s important that you plan a timeline and checklist for a smooth relocation. Before you begin hiring a firm for your shifting, remember to research and follow certain guidelines to hire the best service. Packers and movers in Bangalore gain trust from their clients by showing their licensed certificate, as well as their experience ratings. Further, Bangalore packers and movers also provide insurance for the goods that you decide to relocate. All the objects will be provided insurance; thus if any damage happens to them, you can revert to the firm regarding the vandalized goods. Therefore, ensure to look through the firms’ documents and files before hiring any service. Once you are done contacting the packers and movers of your choice, you must create a checklist.
The checklist will guide you throughout the relocation process, and you won’t miss out on anything important. Further, the checklist will automatically guide you through the steps of the relocation, and provide you with a timeline of the entire process. Additionally, making a checklist for your self will help you decide on the non-negotiables and thus enable you to sort out your priorities. Usually, the firm that you hire for the relocation service provides you with their specific timeline and checklist. But, its essential that you create your own for your reference. Thus, here is a checklist that you can follow:

A week before you relocate, you must have an organised plan ready in front of you. The plan has to follow you through your relocation and must not have any steps that leave you confused. Besides, just like everyone else, you begin this process by researching your potential firms. Later, you need to begin following the below steps:

1. Pack all your essentials in a Carry Bag

After your done conducting the relevant research, it is time you contact the firm and let them know about your plan. Please ensure to ask them about their certification and other relevant documents so that you know that they are trustworthy and experienced. In today's hour, many provide this service of packing and moving, however very few are professionals and experts at this service. Therefore, research is essential as you'll be able to compare different firms and their validity.

2. Look through their Charges

Packers and movers charges vary from one firm to another. To save costs, it important that you request your finalized firm to provide you charges in regard to distance of transportation and the number of goods loaded. This will enable you to calculate the amount that they charge you, rather than you remaining clueless of the charges. Additionally, please do note that charges are also applied for the transportation service and manpower. Besides, the chargers for packers and movers usually varies between 2000INR to 50000INR, based on the distance and the goods. Further, specifically, the charges for packers and movers in Bangalore in terms of local shifting range from the costs of around 3000INR to 40000INR that involve, packing, unpacking, manpower and transportation. However, please be reminded that charges change from one firm to another, and you must negotiate with your finalized firm.

3. Sort through your belongings and pack the Valuables

The most important is to distribute your belongings. A few of your goods might be more valuable than the rest. Those goods must be put in a cardboard or plastic box and be labelled accordingly before you proceed with the next item. Remember to listen to your packers and movers and follow their guidance, as they will certainly recommend different packing materials for your goods. Those packing materials will be the best for your items, as that specific material will keep the goods inside safe, securing it from any damage. After sorting your belongings and making a clear division of the valuables and the less important items, now begin identifying the fragile goods amongst your valuables. A few fragile goods can include electronics and cutlery. Anything that you believe requires a separate packaging is a fragile good. Packers and movers in Bangalore usually recommend their client to note down all their valuable items that are being relocated. This is mainly to avoid theft and damage. Therefore, ensure to have a note of all your belongings, especially the valuable items.

4. Save your Costs

A week before you relocate, you must do the following: - Cancel on your milk and newspaper supplies that is delivered to your current location - you do not want to be paying for something that you no longer are using. - Disconnect all electronic connections & importantly, your gas cylinder connection. - Update your new address to avail the needed services at your new location. – This is a must. You do not want to be spending your time at your new place, worried about not receiving something.

You will feel overwhelmed, anxious and excited, all at the same time. The time has finally come for you to step foot into your new home, and begin a new life. Nothing can be exciting that this, and we wish you the best. But remember, you still have a day to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Majority of the packers and movers plan each step accordingly to ensure everything is perfect. But you must do your part as well.

1. Pack all your essentials in a Carry Bag

You need to coordinate with your packers and movers. They will be responsible for nearly everything, from packing to loading to transporting your goods, and finally the unloading (note that there might be more services involved). Therefore, re-confirm the time your packers and movers will come to do their service so that you can help them out in the process and observe the activity happening. Further, packers and movers in Bangalore always request at least one person to watch over the service happening. This is mainly because if there is any information needed from the client-side, the packers and movers can quickly interact with them on the spot. Additionally, it is also essential to confirm the date and the time of when your goods will arrive at your new location. This will help you, as you can be done with the necessary arrangements at your new home before the goods arrive.

2. Confirm the time of the arrival of your Packers and Movers

You must have your essentials ready in hand. Your essentials can include the necessities needed for the travel or the items that you will need first as soon as you reach your new home, or even just your valuables, like jewellery and a few electronics. It can be anything important to you. Prepare them beforehand! But most importantly, packers and movers in Bangalore advise their clients to carry their checklist in hand. Why is the checklist so important? As soon as you arrive at your new location, you need to be able to identify all your goods and the goods that are not there. If by accident, the firm has lost your good, you will be aware of it immediately, as you have a checklist that has all the goods that have been transported. Therefore, remember to carry a checklist and other necessities needed when you arrive at your new location.

3. Label all your boxes and click photographs of all of them

Please ensure to label all your boxes, as it will make it easier for you once you begin unpacking at your new location. Majority of the packers and movers advise clients to label the fragile boxes as 'FRAGILE' in dark red colour. This will help the packers and movers to notice the word immediately and handle the box with extra care. Further, please click photos of all your boxes and keep a count of them. As previously mentioned, it would be great if you can have a list of all the items that are inside each of the boxes. Therefore, you can easily identify if anything goes missing.

On your moving day, do not pressurize yourself to be part of all services that are happening around you. As much as packers and movers want your presence, no one wants you to work and overwhelm yourself. Therefore, on this day, stay relaxed and ensure that you have these following done,

1. Recheck on whether all your boxes are labelled- you do not want to be having a rough time while unpacking. Switch off all electronics around the house and close all the necessary windows and doors

2. Ensure to collect the transit insurance papers provided you by the packers and movers- as previously mentioned, ensure that your packers and movers provide you with insurance documents for your goods, and remember to crosscheck before signing anything.

3. Note down all the vehicle details that will be relocating your goods.

4. Ensure to get the contact number of a few manpower, for you to enquire if something's up. 5. Request for an online tracking service that can provide you with all the details needed for you to track down your goods.

After service is usually as tiresome as the packing stage since it involves unloading and unpacking. By this time, you would have already settled at your new place, and you will be excited to unpack your belongings and make this place feel like your home. But ensure that you do not remain entirely overwhelmed since there are a few things that you need make sure takes place. Those include,

1. As per your checklist, are all your boxes delivered?

2. Crosscheck on whether any damages have happened to your goods, and whether or not you need to draft a complaint. If there are any damages that you notice, contact the firm's agent to claim insurance right away.

3. After all unloading and packing have been done as per your satisfaction, make the final payment

4. Collect all your bills and documents, and make yourself feel like you are at home!

Lastly, please do refer to this checklist as you begin looking for packers and movers to relocate to a new home. Remember, the checklist helps you in ensuring that you are not missing out on anything. Happy packing and moving!

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