5 moving tips and shifting secrets for best home relocation

5 moving tips and shifting secrets  for best home relocation
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There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.”

Charlotte Eriksson,

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Shifting to a new place is a mixed emotional experience, where there lies an excitement of exploring the newness and sadness of leaving the old one. Besides all the emotional turmoils, it is also stressful because shifting is about leaving the existing comfort zone and moving to a place which is unknown to you, and you never know how the things will unfold. 

“Shiting is all about folding belongings and unfolding emotions.”

Now when you have decided to move, the stress of moving your belongings adds on. It is indeed hectic to plan for packing and moving all the goods and stuff from one place to another. The best advice will be to start early planning and stay organised until and including the day of the movement.

Here are some tips that are broken into periodic planning which will help you and make the arrangements better. According to the timeline, let’s break the shifting process.

1. Before 1 month of shifting:

Start preparing before one month at least to avoid hustling at the last moment. There are multiple tasks to remember, and it is not possible to make all the arrangements on the last day. 

Before a month of shifting, you can plan things like

  • searching for good packers and movers near you
  • Comparing and choosing the right movers
  • Preparing a moving checklist
  • Uncluttering personal belongings
  • Deciding the final moving day

Doing all the packing, moving and shifting by yourself is something I would not suggest. There must be a lot of delicate and costly accessories in your home, which will be needing careful and cautious packing. This is something which is advisable to be taken care of by professionals.

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Starting a month earlier will give you enough time to choose and identify the right shifting service according to your requirement and budgets. By uncluttering your personal belongings a little where an easy packing is enough, it will reduce your shifting expenses. Do a pre-moving survey if necessary, you will get an accurate idea about the shifting charges and clarify the doubts.

Choosing the right day for shifting is also important as the cost of shifting depends on it. Month ends and weekends have got the most of the people to prefer for shifting, hence the cost rises up. So if you look on for a date somewhere in the middle of the month, it will definitely cost you less.

2. Before 1 Week of shifting:

So you have approached the last one week before shifting.

The time has arrived where you need to be ready with smallest of detailing and cross-checking your moving list once again. Before 1 week, It is not possible to pack all the bags beforehand. There must be some belongings which had to be kept unpacked for the last-minute use.

So before 1 week:

  • Prepare for the last minute packing
  • Take care of important documents
  • Keep your important valuables with you only
  • Clean unplug the electronic appliances
  • Stop buying further groceries 
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You have to dismantle heavy gadgets and electronic appliances before making them ready to transfer. Defrosting the fridge is necessary and dispelling the air conditioner too. It is better if you use original boxes of electronic appliances like Television and washing machine because they come with prior guards which will protect them from any damage. Avoid buying groceries prior to a week so that the leftover at the day of moving won’t get thrown out.

3. 1 day before shifting: 

You are just one day away from the d-day. It is essential to take care of things, though professional packers and movers are always to the rescue. Things to keep in mind before the final day

  • Prepare an overnight bag
  • Keep aside your valuables
  • Recheck your essential documents
  • If convenient, take pictures of packed items
  • Keep the money ready

Although you have the moving list with you, it will be better if you take pictures of all the packed items and numbering them. Doing this, the probability of misplacement of items decreases. Keep a few snacks ready with you to offer to the shifting team, because it is going to be a hectic day for them.

4. Finally, the moving day:

Finally, when the day arrives, and you are all done with the preparation, get ready for the move. Have an eye on the house shifting team when they are carrying out the task. Guide them wherever necessary. Movers may not be aware of every nook and corner of your home. When they are loading goods, you can lend them a hand for smooth shifting. Double-check all your rooms, lock the home and leave.

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5. After shift Unpacking:

After arriving at the new location

  • Properly guide the movers while unloading the stuff
  • Cross-check if every item is unloaded
  • Match your moving list with the unloaded items
  • Inspect the goods in case of any damage
  • Guide the movers into unpacking all the items
  • Provide refreshment to the workers
  • Make payments to the team

Finally, when you have moved into your new home, organise postmove tasks accordingly. Make an unpacking list, help and guide movers to dismantle the packing. Ensure you clean the room before the placement if chattels in the required space. Go explore the new locality and arrange for a house party.

Happy Moving.

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