5 careful packing and moving tips for a safe shifting right after the COVID-19 gets over

5 careful packing and moving tips for a safe shifting right after the COVID-19 gets over

Packing and moving have never been an easy task. It is stressful to dive into the unknown, accept and make changes and besides, disrupting from your daily routine and being away from your cherished possessions, is quite tough. Moreover, dealing with complicated paperwork and finding trustworthy companies to ship and deliver your belongings promptly can also be troublesome. Well, Bangalore Packers and Movers assure to take care of all these without having you worry about anything!

COVID-19 packing and moving

However, the question that we’ve all been thinking is, how is it possible to pack and move during this global Pandemic crisis? Of course, it is unsafe and stressful. A few of you might think it is better to delay the moving plans, but what if you cannot? Well, we at Bangalore Packers and Movers understand your concern; thus, we are here to share five main tips that can make your shifting safer and convenient! Before we give you the tips, we want to ensure that you consider and take into account this vital precautions:

Place the highest priority on your health and safety.

Before you start moving, ensure to be aware of your surroundings and maximise social distance as much as possible. Be sure you are aware of all the risks and facts and are willing to change the plan whenever you encounter a risky situation for you and your family’s health. If you are in a high-risk group people aged above 60, have respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, try to postpone your move until the authorities announce that the pandemic is over.

Ensure to interact with your shifting company frequently as well to know about their workers’ situation. Secondly, if anyone from your household is contracted with the virus or are self-isolating, we, Bangalore Packers and Movers advise you to contact your moving company and explain the situation to them, so that the movers can help you out even. The five essential tips for packing and moving during this pandemic is:

1.Only use fresh packing supplies.

packing and moving hacks during COVId-19

the majority of us today try to recycle and reuse boxes to make an effort to save money. However, this approach is not recommended during this crisis. In fact, according to the World HealthOrganization(WHO), the virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. We Banglore Packers and movers provide you with accurate and factual information; hence we advise that you purchase new boxes and other required stuff for the shifting. You can also reach out the packers and movers to see if they have any supplies in handy that is fresh and available for purchase.

2.Recheck all the details of your move

packing nd moving precautions during COVID-19

Always ensure to double-check the details of your move. Call up your movers and check-up daily on how the moving is taking place. Firstly, before you begin packing, request them to update you about moving regularly and whether it is will take place or not. In a sense, with the current unpredictable timings, they need to be able to adapt to the changes and give you full commitment. Besides, also request them to update you on their safety measures to protect everyone in the process. Additionally, also regularly converse with your shifting company about your situation and before packing, ask them if there are any precautions that you need to be taking. Once you trust us, we Bangalore Packers and Movers ensure to take all safety and precautionary measures to make your shifting happen without any inconvenience. We place you as our priority!

3. Look for moving services that minimize human contact possible.

Affordable packing and moving service in Bangalore

ensure to choose a moving method that has minimal social interaction. You can begin by requesting your moving company to take care of everything, without you having to worry about the shifting. By asking them to take care of all will enable you to stay away from the interacting bit and will keep you safe. Also, contact moving companies that are close by to your house. One reason is the communication will become easier, and there won’t be a lot of problems with travelling, especially with the lockdown happening currently. We Bangalore packers and movers are situated at different corners of the city; hence this aspect wouldn’t be a problem for us. Besides, we pledge to leave 6 feet of distance between our clients and our workers!

4. Extra sanitize your materials for the move-in day

COVID-19. Moving after the lockdown.

Ensure that all workers use extra sanitizing materials and protective wear while they shift your packages. Additionally, provide them with access to soap and sink at both locations and try to stock up plenty of hand sanitizers. We also advise that one medical staff check upon their body temperature before they start working, as a precaution. Lastly, always make sure everyone is wearing face coverings and gloves.

5. Consider having built-in storage as a backup plan.

With the current lockdown and the future unpredictable change in events, there is a higher chance of the move in and out dates frequently shifting. You may need to consider portable containers that will offer you a built-in storage option to keep your belongings neat and safe. If that is not possible, you can request your moves to provide you with the storage option. We packers and movers from Bangalore offer you with this service, and we ensure to take care of all your belongings. Well, here are the tips you can follow to have a safe and comfortable packing and moving experience. Always make sure that you take safety measures and be in contact with your movers during this challenging time. For more further content, check out our other posts related to packing and moving!

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