10 packing hacks you must know, for easier moving.

10 packing hacks you must know, for easier moving.

Shifting to a new place demands to be stress-free and easy. Only sitting and having the idea to do all the packing and managing can bring nightmares to your eyes. So we have brought you some easy hacks to help you move smoothly. 

Packing and moving tips.

1. Put the bigger pots and containers to use:

While packing the kitchen items, instead of packing each individual stuff in different boxes, you can make use of the bigger boxes to fill the smaller boxes and so on. This is going to save you a lot of space.

Take out the spoons and cutlery and put them into jars and tiffins. This way, you won’t have to put these tiny items in a different set.

2. Let the clothes be on the hangers:

Taking out clothes from the hangers, fold them, pack them, unpack them, unfold them, put them back to the hangers. This cycle seems to be time chewing and unnecessary right. Why get ridding of hangers in the first place? Let them be there, take them in bulk with hangers, you can wrap them in a group or use a wardrobe box and carry them along.

3. Label the boxes:

Labelling is an essential and good identification practice always.

Pack all the stuff and label them, so that when you will reach your destination, things will not get misplaced. Kitchen stuff will be in the kitchen, and living room stuff won’t get swapped with bedroom chattels. Another idea you can think upon is, use the different coloured box and pack them categorically. You can save so much of time unpacking them.

4. Make sure the boxes you are buying are uniform in size:

Packing and moving hacks.

Have you ever played “falling cubes” video game where you have to fit in the cubes sparing no space.? Yes, that’s the analogy I was trying to refer. Buying uniform size boxes will occupy less space while loading. The stack will be compact and uniform in the truck.

5. Take a picture of plugged electronic appliances before packing them:

If you are someone who finds it difficult to set up the tangled wires and get confused with the connection, there is a self-help tip for you. Take pictures of all the electronic appliances before unplugging. When you reach your new home, the pictures will guide you on how to do the replugging again.

6. Use cushion while packing decorative and fragile stuff:

How about packing the delicates with cushion straps and bubble wraps?. They prevent them from breaking in the first place. Take care of the glasswares, paintings and other decorative items which are viable of getting broken. When you hire professional packers and movers, they make this work easier for you.

7. You can use newspapers instead of costly wrapping sheets:

Don’t spend extra on wrapping sheets. Use old newspapers instead. Even when you are packing delicate items make the first wrap with newspapers and then cushion them. It will be extra care for your delicacies. Anyways you might be going to throw the old newspaper when you plan to move in, putting them into use in this way will worth it.

8. Categorically pack items and divide them in terms of rooms:

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Don’t mix the living room luggage with kitchen items. It will be a trouble when you unpack them. Suppose you take the kitchen box and unpack it in the living room. It will be an added task to take them again back to the kitchen. so as I said before, if you box them categorically in terms of sizes and colour, unboxing them will be easier.

9. Try to avoid infallible items:

There can be some items which the packers and movers will hesitate to include in their list. Such as pesticides, chemical. Fire extinguishes, thinner, alcohol, fireworks, gas and propane tanks, etc. Try to get rid of them before shifting, or you can take care of them personally at your own risk.

10. Dont forget a moving list and pre calculating the cost of shifting:

A move-in checklist is a compulsion whenever you shift. It keeps you on a check and let you not forget about the proceedings and plans. Before hiring packers and movers have a word with them about the cost of shifting in detail. 

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